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Getting Started

This page has everything need to get started, from the how to play, to a free trait and ability index incase

you or a friend are unable to have your faction Field Manuals on you. By downloading the products you accept that:

All rights of these free products are reserved and owned by GPC L.L.C. and are not for resale or distribution of any kind.

How to Play BattleCards!

How to Play Battle Cards Ways to Play

Learn to play!

Here is the download containing a zip file with BatteCards

how to play section. This how to play is not for resale.

Trait & Ability Index

The Trait & Ability is a very important part to BattleCards. We know not everyone may not have the ability to purchase a index, or just wish to try it out before a purchase,  so we have free version available for download. By Downloading the Free Trait or Free Ability index you are accepting and understand that these files are not for resale or commercial use of any kind. 

Free Battle Cards Trait Index

The Trait Index contains all the card Traits (Passive Abilities) Click below to download the trait index. ( Not for Resale)

Trait Index

Ability Index

The Ability Index contains all cards Abilities in detail. Click below to download the Ability Index. (Not For Resale)

Battle Cards Free Ability Index
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