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As of now there is 2 Factions within BattleCards but there will be more to come. The 2 factions are the Powerful R.C.C.C. , then the high and mightier than all U.C.A.C.



Military: Coalition Army

The Russian Chinese Communist Coalition was formed out of fear of the U.C.A.C. while growing their new nation the R.C.C.C. sent their army into Mongolia and Pakistan. Once conquered they moved their armies to Siberia and Vietnam. Once Vietnam was on its last leg and in need of more resources General Xin convinced the leaders of the R.C.C.C. to  invade Alaska to take control of the U.C.A.C.'s resources.


Military: F.D.F. (Freedom Defense Force)

Canada in shambles from the Maple Flu, the USA offers support but at high costs. with increasing debt and the crisis worsening Canada take the  U.C.A.C. Offer and joins the USA in the start of a new nation. Countries wishing for aid relief and fear flock to join the U.C.A.C. Mexico and Cuba being the last to join out of fear. With the RCCC Moving to Siberia the FDF decides to reinforce Alaska for fear of what's to come.

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